Availability Listing of all new tarantulas will be announced soon.    Sorry this is taking so long.  Currently we are revamping our site, continuing to build up our stock, and we are now shipping using a new company, we continue involvement in the NE Reptile Expos along with some auctions!

If you see something you want, and would like us to help find it for you if we don’t have it, just let us know.   You can make us an offer and  wishlists are welcome!  We always want to know what people are looking for.

Blogging, comments and posts are allowed here, just keep on topic! You can use your wordpress account you will find access to at the bottom of this page. Hope you enjoy the site!

Also, we offer free delivery in NH within 50 mile radius of Rumney. If you live further, we can make arrangements to meet somewhere halfway. This has been successful in the past and we will continue offering this service.


Thank you!

Maxy L. Olcott,

(owner and founder)

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