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New Mexican Tarantula

Brachypelma kahlenbergi

These are new species of Brachypelma from Veracruz , Mexico.   They are almost entirely black and red, there is orange setae on the dorsal face of the opisthosoma. Terrestrial species,  gentle, (this one is unsexed at this time).  This is a relatively small member of the Brachypelma genus.  Currently this one is close to 2″.

Very rare – hard to find!

Asking $70.00.

Mexican Red Rump

Brachypelma Vagans

These are also known as the Mexican black velvet.  This tarantula can be found predominantly in Mexico, and also as far south as Belize, El Salvadore and Guatemala.
A terrestrial/scrubland species that have incredible appetites and grow to a solid 6.5 inches.  (males smaller)  Docile and a pleasure to own!
Asking $39.99

Idiothele Mira

Blue-foot Baboon

These are also knows as the trap door tarantula!  These come from South Africa, so be aware the venom of old worlds are strong.  This little one appears very docile and loves to create its trap door.  Occasionally we get a glimpse of its blue feet sticking out just slightly!  They get about 4.5 inches.  (males being smaller)  Fun to own!

Asking $59.99

(above is an image of its trap door)

(the pic above is of an adult, the one we’re selling is about 1 1/2 inch)


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